About Us

I am  Chartered Accountant and my passion is teaching. My focus is on explaining concepts of accountancy and finance in a simple way. Conceptual clarity with practical examples is the style of teaching followed here.

Vanijyavidya means education related to Commerce. It includes Accountancy, Book Keeping, Financial Management, Taxation, Cost Accountancy among other commerce topics.

In Vanijyavidya courses are aligned to specific academic syllabus and practical industry needs. They cater to requirements of students and professionals in fields of Finance and Accountancy.

Courses are delivered using virtual white-boarding, videos and comprise the following critical elements:

1 Conceptual rigor with industry examples  

2 In-course knowledge checks  

3 Solved examples and related exercises  

For any suggestions,Feedback or course requirement on any specific topic feel free to write us at vanijyavidya@gmail.com

 Happy learning!